New FREE Kiwi Crate Trial–My Starlight Lantern!


From now until July 31st, Kiwi Crate is offering an opportunity to try a sample-size project, Starlight Lantern, from one of their popular crates! Just pay $3.95 for shipping. Click here for your Kiwi Crate Free Trial!

kiwi crate


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Julep Maven Window Open–Free Gift with 3 add ons!

The Maven window is open so if you’re a subscriber, go check out your box!

I did the three add on option for Julep last month and the free gift I got was two more polishes!!!

This was my June box–I got two polishes and the mint pedi cream for my box, and I added on their new clean up pen (a pen with polish remover–it’s great!!), another polish, and two more brushes for my plie wand. I wanted all those add ons anyways so the “gift” was just a bonus but it was two more polishes!!! And one of them was Soraphine which I really really wanted to try!

I don’t think that will always be the “gift,” but it was a definite win for me so I highly recommend it :)

IMG_2979 IMG_2980


And as always, if you’re new, your first box is FREE! Click the picture below and use code FREEBOX

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free


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Orange Glad Sweet Box July 2014 Review


Orange Glad is a monthly subscription box that sends gourmet treats to your door for only $15 plus S/H ($6.95) per month. You can get cheaper monthly rates if you buy a longer subscription, and you can pay an extra $12 to get double treats!

Orange Glad is a dessert subscription, so it’s a really nice way to sample new products that you probably wouldn’t get to try otherwise. Orange Glad also sells some items in their shop if you want to get more of your favorites and order dessert online!

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Hautelook Beauty Bag launches TODAY (11AM EST)!! ($180 value!!!)

nordstrom bag

Hautelook is selling a Nordstrom Beauty Bag valued at $180 for only $25!!! The word I’ve heard is that it goes on sale at 11AM EST. Scoop one up while you can cause I’m betting this will sell out! If you don’t have an account, go to Hautelook now to set one up so you’ll be ready to checkout when the sale goes live ;)

Some of my fav brands are in here (Smashbox, Stila, Fresh, etc) and some that I’ve really been wanting to try (Whish, Ciate)–so exciting! And the bag itself is pretty too :)


This is what the bag includes!!

- Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief:
Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Rapid, long-lasting hydration in a refreshing oil-free gel. Delivers a burst of moisture. Smooths, softens. Locks in moisture all day. All skin types. (Made in UK, 0.21 oz.)

- Coty Balenciaga Rosabotanica:
Rosabotanica by Balenciaga Paris features hints of citrus and white wood mixed with florals to cloak you in a gorgeous garden of fragrance (Made in France, 0.25 fl. oz.)

- Coty Bottega Venetta Essence Aromatique:
Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique is a fresh, floral, oriental fragrance with touches of zesty citrus (Made in France, 0.25 fl. oz.)

- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Darling Length & Volume Mascara:
Mascara to lengthen, separate, and volumize lashes (Made in Canada, 0.9 oz.)

- Fresh Rose Facial Mask:
Rose Face Mask hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. The unique, cooling gel formula is infused with real rose petals that literally melt into the skin (Made in France, 20 ml)

- Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss:
Moisturizing Lip Gloss to nourish, rejuvenate and protect lips. Long-wearing, high shine. Not sticky or tacky. Fragrance Free. Protects against free radicals. Paraben Free (Made in USA, 2.5mL)

- Lancome Renergie Multi Lift Action Moisturizer:
This is our #1 Lifting and firming moisturizer. Visibly tighten all facial zones with our #1 lifting and firming day moisturizer (Imported, 0.5 oz.)

- Living Proof PHD Styler:
For all hair types. All Living Proof products are sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair (imported)

- Lorac Deluxe Lip Lustre Lip Gloss:
Amp up your look with LORAC Lip Lustre Gloss! Inspired by our top-selling 3D Liquid Lustre Eye Shimmer, these glimmering, glam glosses are paraben-free, super hydrating and infused with antioxidants of Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed and Vitamins A, C and E. Wear Lip Lustre alone or with your favorite LORAC lipstick for added sparkle and shine (Made in USA, 0.7 oz.)

- Molton Brown Pink Peppered Body Wash:
Pink pepper pods were once known as “grains of paradise.” Fiery pink pepper with ginger and patchouli. Sultry. Humid. Spicy. Fragrance family: SPICY (Made in UK, 1 fl. oz.)

- Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer:
An iconic primer that preps skin to create a perfect canvas for flawless foundation application. Silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants smooths and perfects skin. Unique formula supports natural collagen and fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish (Made in USA, 0.25 fl. oz.)

- Stila Deluxe Lip Glaze:
This deluxe lip glaze can be worn alone or overtop of a favorite lip color. Color: mango berry (orange) (imported, 0.05 fl. oz.)

- Whish Pomegranate Body Butter:
Shea butter base Body Moisturizer (Made in USA, 0.75 oz.)

- Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 Cleanser for Face & Eyes:
Daily facial skin cleanser. Cleanses, tones, and melts away face and eye makeup
leaves skin feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced (Made in USA, 1 oz.)

- Ciate Mini Nail Lacquer:
A bonus treat: member will be receiving one of the 7 assorted polish colors.

Colors available:
- Mistress
- Cupcake Queen
- Apples and Custard
- Pool Party
- Chinchilla
- Access all Areas
- Boom Box
- Members Only


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Citrus Lane Groupon Deals!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Make sure you go through Ebates for another 6% cashback on all Groupon deals!

These are the Citrus Lane deals that Groupon is currently offering. The first is credits to spend in their shop! (think Aiden+Anais, Skip Hop, Melissa and Doug, etc). The second is a subscription option and the third is a combo. You can use the code LOCAL15 to get another 15% off! And don’t forget Ebates!!!

citrus lane groupon



I couldn’t find the CL deal on Groupon’s main page, so I opened an Ebates link and then went to the CL deal HERE and that worked. You can also contact Ebates to have them credit your account for your purchase.

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New Beauty Test Tube Review

My New Beauty Test Tube arrived yesterday and it’s wonderful!!! Good value and a great way to try new products. The tube is $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping and they send you a tube every other month filled with full size and deluxe sample beauty items! If you’re new, click “contact me” at the top right of my page and send me your email–I will send you a personal invite that gives you $5 off your first Test Tube, SCORE!! You can check out my previous test tube reviews HERE.

Here’s what I received in the July/August tube:


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Sunday Social

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so here we go!

Sunday Social



1. Tell us about the family you grew up in, parents, siblings, grandparents. 

My parents divorced when I was 4. My dad remarried when I was 6 and had 3 more kids. I lived with them in the summers and did things like sports and going to King’s Island in Ohio. I lived with my Mom most of the year. She remarried several times and we moved quite a bit. She was the only real constant in my life. I love her and she also drives me nuts–just kind of the nature of our relationship. She had two more kids, so I have 5 siblings total. The next oldest (besides me) is almost 8 years younger so we were pretty far apart in age (all of us). She’s in college now though, and we talk a lot more since we have more things in common now that she’s older. The youngest is 16 years younger than me.


2. Tell us about your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, significant other.

Hubs is my rock. I’m an anxious, worrysome, jittery ball of nerves and he’s calm, cool-headed and completely stable. I’m the talker and he’s the listener. I’m social and he’s a lone wolf. I’m incredibly sentimental and he’s…well, usually not but he has his moments. We really balance each other out which I think is amazing. Fun fact, we grew up down the street from each other but didn’t know it till after we were engaged. We’re even in each other’s yearbooks! I will say that our first year of marriage was not the “honeymoon” year that everyone talks about. We got married young–I was 20 and he was 23, and the first year of marriage was tough! A lot of figuring each other out and how our relationship dynamic would work. But we’ve been married 8 years now and I think it gets better and better and better every year. He’s my best friend and my hero, and I am SO glad to be on this journey of life with him. I’m a really lucky girl!




3. Tell us about your children. If you don’t have children, talk about your fur children.

I have two stepkiddos, a 12 year old stepson and a 10 year old stepdaughter. They live with us in the summers. Yes, if you’re doing the math, Hubs had kiddos really young. But I’ve never met a better Dad! He does what he can to remain involved throughout the year and he spends the summers soaking up all the time he can get. I try to remember what it felt like to be the visiting stepkid every summer and do my best to make it feel like home here–include them in our annual family portrait sessions, plan a vacation they can be a part of, enroll them in any classes or camps they want to participate in, etc. I also have an almost 2 yr old son that is extremely active. I recently stopped working to stay at home and enjoy time with him and it’s the BEST decision I’ve ever made. EVER. (…well, second to marrying his dad.) ;)

4. Tell us about your best friends.

Since I move around so often, it’s hard to make and keep besties. But my BFF for life is Michelle. We met at a church youth group freshman year of high school and we’ve been best friends ever since. Even though I travel all over, she makes a point to come and visit and we keep up with each other by phone and FB. She’s a beautiful pediatric nurse practitioner, the most caring person I know, and the adoptive mommy to five amazing kids. And her hubs and my hubs are buds which totally makes our friendship even more awesome. Love her and so glad she’s in my life!

5. Tell us about any other special people in your life.

This may not be traditional, but I also really love my in-laws. They’re both amazing people–very ambitious, hardworking, and extremely generous. B’s mom actually found a job close to us so we are SO lucky to have them living in our area for this assignment–let’s here it for family time and date nights! WOOHOO!

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New Citrus Lane discount and more sub box deals!

I posted some sub box deals yesterday HERE and found a few more this morning!


Citrus Lane

I posted a deal for CL yesterday too, but this one is awesome! Save $25 on any gift sub with code JULYGIFT!!

citrus lane


Bulu Box

Only $12 for a 3 mo sub!! Normally $30! Use code SUMMER

bulu 2



And save 20% off anything in their shop with code JULY4

bulu 3






Save 10% off QBox with the code FLASHSALE. Good today only!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links!

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Funny Story

So my tot, my two stepkiddos (10 and 12), the grandparents, the Hubs and myself were all gathered around the dinner table. We’re trying to get tot to learn his name since he’s supposed to be telling it to his coach at the beginning of each soccer lesson. So in an effort to help him, I was pointing to each of his family members at the table and letting him tell me their name.

Point to Hubs. Me: ”Who’s this?”  J: “Dada”

Point to brother. Me: “Who’s this?” J: “DeeDee”

Point to sister. Me: “Who’s this?” J: “DeeDee” (both their names start with D…it gets a little confusing…)

Point to Grandpa. Me: “Who’s this?” J: “Baba”

Point to Grandma. Me: “Who’s this?” J: “Mow-Mow”

Finally, I point to myself. Me: “Who’s this?” J, in a VERY excited squealy tone: “NO!!!”

I was pretty taken aback by this. First, he follows me around all day long saying “mamamamamamamama” (not a joke–ALL DAY). Second, I try not to say no that often cause I didn’t really want to go through the “no” stage….so why would he call me “No”?

So I shake it off and try again. Point to myself. Me: “Who’s this?” J, laughing now: “NO!!”

Okay. Now I’m kinda upset. All the family members are trying to stifle a laugh and my feelings are kinda hurt. I turn my chair to face him directly, point to myself one last time and ask him slowly, “Whoooo’s thiiiiiiis?”

Now J looks slightly confused. Why would I ask him this so many times? He lifts his finger and points to his nose and says again “NO!”

*sigh* Mommy was pointing at her face every time she asked…pointing at her nose to be more exact. “No” is also how J says nose since he can’t pronounce a “s” sound yet. Apparently, the whole table caught onto this before I did.

True story. #mamaneedsSLEEP

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Subscription Box Deals!

There are only a few July 4th discounts out right now, but I’ll write a new post if there are more tomorrow! Here are the current big deals:

Kiwi Crate

If you’re new, you can still get the Kiwi Crate Free Trial 
New and existing subscribers can get 10% off any purchase with the code FOURTH


Citrus Lane

Get your first box for only $7!!! That’s a $22 savings! Use code JULYBOX at checkout!




New subscribers can get the Nautical Welcome Box for FREE (just pay shipping)!!

Nautical Welcome Box
The Secret Store is open!!! Click here to access it: Secret Store – Available to Mavens Only





Birchbox is working with Women’s Health to build the July Box which will include a 12 Month Subscription to Women’s Health Magazine! New subscribers can use code BBFAB100 to get 100 points with a new subscription! (That’s $10 to spend on anything in their shop, and since the box is only $10 including shipping, it’s like a FREE box!)



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