DOUBLE JULES!!! May Julep Maven Window Open!!!

If you’re already a Maven, click HERE to make your monthly selections! You get double jules this month! And remember, if you’re new, click HERE to get your first box FREE!!!

May boxes include the new plie wand! Here are this month’s color choices:


This month only, a special thank you: earn double Jules for taking your Maven box!

To make your selections for the May Maven Collection, log in to your account here.


Boho Glam:

May-Maven-BohoGlamJeanne (Boho Glam): Jet-set blue crème


Paulette (Boho Glam): Golden lilac tulle shimmer


Julep Plié Wand: Ergonomically designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fun to every polishing experience. Comes with a Plié overcap & precision brush.



May-Maven-BombshellLaree (Bombshell): Golden pink taffeta shimmer


Saaya (Bombshell): Golden apricot shimmer


Julep Plié Wand: Ergonomically designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fun to every polishing experience. Comes with a Plié overcap & precision brush.


Classic with a Twist:

May-Maven-CWATMaddy (Classic with a Twist): Raspberry sorbet shimmer


Ramona (Classic with a Twist): Muted lavender rose crème


Julep Plié Wand: Ergonomically designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fun to every polishing experience. Comes with a Plié overcap & precision brush.


It Girl:

May-Maven-ItGirlKam (It Girl): Vintage spearmint crème


Jules (It Girl): Warm powder pink crème


Julep Plié Wand: Ergonomically designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fun to every polishing experience. Comes with a Plié overcap & precision brush.


Color Crush

May-Maven-ColorCrushIona (It Girl): Hydrangea blue crème

Jules (It Girl): Warm powder pink crème (see swatch above)

Paulette (Boho Glam): Golden lilac tulle shimmer (see swatch above)


Modern Beauty

Brilliance Glycolic Scrub: Our best-selling five-star scrub has a brilliant new name. Gentle enough to use every day, this dual-action exfoliating scrub instantly reveals brighter, smoother skin—like a facial for your hands! Natural apricot seeds whisk away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells while a potent concentration of glycolic acid works to fight signs of aging. 90% of users noticed softer, younger-looking skin after just one treatment.

Rock Star Hand Crème: This anti-aging blend of shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and vitamin E keeps hands hydrated, even after washing. The non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula will leave you cheering for an encore. Rock on.


Featured Add-Ons:


Plié Wand Creativity Kit


Take your nail color to the next level with these Plié-compatible tools!

Striping Brush: Features superfine bristles for French manis, swirls, and stripes

Dotting Tool: Features a rounded tip for dots and hearts


Mod Art Kit



Brigitte (Classic with a Twist): Bright white crème

Jet (It Girl): Jet black crème

Sienna (Classic with a Twist): Sophisticated, shimmer gold

Madison (Classic with a Twist): Electric neon hot pink crème

Bette (Bombshell): Electric neon purple crème

Plié Striping Brush: Features superfine bristles for French manis, swirls, and stripes

Plié Dotting Tool: Features a rounded tip for dots and hearts


Iona & Jules



Jules (It Girl): Warm powder pink crème

Iona (Color Crush): Hydrangea blue crème



I think I’m getting Bombshell and I’d love to get the art set! What are you getting?

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Preschool Activities Plan: Theme–Clothes

I’m trying to organize my thoughts a bit on what I want to do with tot each week, so I’ve decided to work around a theme. I love themes! For this week’s theme, we’re going to be learning about clothes. My child is 19 mos for reference.


1. The Wash Cycle: If you have a front loading washer and you can see inside, add clothes and soap to the washer and turn on the drum light. Let your child watch them go round and round and make fun sound effects. Spin in circles like the drum that’s spinning and talk about how the washer is making your clothes clean.

2. Sensory Scarves: Fill a bin with different textured scarves (knit, silky, crocheted, cotton, wool, etc). Have your child sit on the floor and put their hands out as you run the different textured scarves over their fingers. Talk about the different textures like fuzzy, soft, smooth, etc. You can also run the scarves over their face or head to tickle them (my tot likes that!)

3. Clothesline Activities: I love this idea from Print out some free printable clothes clipart (do a search on Google or Pinterest for printable clothes clipart or printable paper doll clothes). Use a baking rack or a dish drying rack and mini clothespins to “hang them out to dry” and help your child hang them by category like shirts on one line, pants on another, dresses on another, etc.


4. Handwashing Activity: Money Saving Mom has a great clothesline busy bag to teach your child more about washing and drying clothes. Just fill a small bowl or bin with soapy water and another with plain water. Cut clothes shapes (there’s a template on her site) from plain felt or scrap fabric. Tie a line of string between two chairs. Help your child wash the “clothes,” rinse them and hang them on the string to dry (using clothespins). 


5. Color Sorting: Before washing your clothes, help your child sort them into piles by color.

6. Fold the Clothes: Nothing like getting chores done at the same time! Use the freshly dried clothes as a sensory experience–let your child feel the difference between denim, fleece, linen, etc and discuss the textures. Lay the clothes out piece by piece and help your child determine what type of clothing it is–sock, skirt, shirt, pants, etc. Then fold the piece of clothing and lay it in its respective pile.

7. Decorate Your Own Clothes: If you’re brave, give your kid a plain white t-shirt and some fabric markers and let them create their own wearable art!

8. What Goes Wear: (Misspelled intentionally :P) Put various items of clothing on the wrong body parts and watch your toddler giggle and try to correct you. Put your shoes on your hands, shorts on your head, gloves on your feet, etc.

9. Have a Crazy Mismatch Day: Pull out all the stops! Bright colors, funky patterns, leg warmers, arm warmers, layered tops, the sillier the better! Be as goofy as possible and have fun with it. Take lots of pictures! If you’re really brave, you can even go out in public ;)

10. Make Your Own Olliblocks: Have you heard of Olliblocks? I think these are adorable. The printable costs a couple bucks. You can go to Lowes or Home Depot and get them to help you with some 2″x2″ blocks and then you use Modge Podge to adhere the cutouts. I’ve also seen people make their own versions with family pictures. This is a fun and silly way to learn more about clothes!




11. Get Dressed for the Day: Talk about the weather while picking out clothes together. Ex–Today it is hot so should we pick shorts or pants? Short sleeved shirt or long sleeved shirt? Lay out options and help your child decide what’s appropriate to wear.

12. Sidewalk “Paper Dolls”: Before washing your child’s dirty clothes, take them outside and draw an outline of their silhouette in sidewalk chalk. Let them use their dirty laundry to “dress up” their outline like playing paper dolls. The chalk is washable ;)



I hope that gives you some inspiration for this theme! Have a great week!


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Poll–What’s Your Favorite Easter Treat?


I’m looking forward to seeing what tot’s favorite Easter treat is today (he wasn’t really eating any of these last year), but I’m curious–what’s your fav?

Easter Treats!
What is your favorite Easter basket treat?


Happy Easter!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Cate and Chloe Discount and Giveaway!

Cate and Chloe VIP Box is participating in our 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide–see the original guide post for more discounts and giveaways!

cate and chloe

ABOUT: Cate & Chloe sends two high quality jewelry items delivered monthly with a retail value of over $200. One item every month is an exclusive pre-release item and you can exchange any items you don’t love. Your first box comes with one extra item making your first box value over $300!

COST: $39.99/mo


SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Click HERE and use code CRAZYLIME20 for 20% off the VIP Box

GIVEAWAY: 1 month subscription – $39.99 Value, Enter here:

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Le Tote Discount and Giveaway

Le Tote is participating in our 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide–see the original guide post for more discounts and giveaways!


ABOUT: When you sign up for Le Tote they have a style quiz allowing you to select the styles that best represent you. You can wear the pieces in your tote for as long as you want: 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, its completely up to you. You only pay for the items you want to keep. All you pay is the once monthly fee for each month you continue to keep the service. You can send your totes back as many times as you’d like in the month for the same monthly cost.

COST: $49 Boutique box (3 garments & 2 accessories) & $19 Jewelry box (3 pieces of jewelry)

SHIPPING: Free 2-day shipping both ways to 48 contiguous US states only

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Click HERE & use the code MOTHERSDAY to save $10 on your 1st tote

GIVEAWAY: 1 Boutique Box – $54 Value – Enter here:


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Sub Box News!

Loot Crate:

Last day to get the Dragon Box!

Are any of you Game of Throne fans like me???!?! I’m so excited about this box!!! There’s a really funny GoT parody of Frozen’s Let It Go song on YouTube also. Awesome, just awesome.

Click HERE and use code DRAGON for $3 off!




Continue reading

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MommiesFirst Discount and Giveaway!

mommies first

ABOUT:  MommiesFirst sends customized boxes for expectant and new moms. You can expect a customized care package created to suit the developmental stage of your pregnancy or baby. Every month you will get a box of 4 – 6 products tailored to the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your baby (up to his or her first year).

COST:     $30/month, $27.50/month & (6-month & longer sub)

SHIPPING:  Free to Canada & Continental US

SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  Click HERE & use the code CRAZYLIME10 to save 10% off a 3-month or longer sub

GIVEAWAY: 1 box – $30 Value.  Enter here.

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Scrubscriptions Discount and Giveaway!


ABOUT: Every month Scrubscriptions sends you a monthly delivery of high quality medical scrubs and carefully selected lifestyle products that have been customized for you.

COST: 2 options starting at $38/mo


SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Click HERE and use code scrubloves20 to save 20%

GIVEAWAY: 1 month subscription – $38.00 Value.  Enter here.

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Preggonista Discount and Giveaway!

preggonista-giveaway (2)

ABOUT: Preggonista includes two wearable items in every box with a Style Guide that shows you how to rock those items in 8 different ways! Discover unique maternity fashion from around the world and enjoy premium beauty products made for pregnant women.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Click HERE and use code CrazyLime25 to save 25% (first time customers or one time gift box only)

GIVEAWAY: Special edition Mother’s Day gift box –  $75.00 Value.  Enter here.

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Meowbox Added to Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Discount and Upcoming Giveaway!

meowbox logo april 2014


We’re excited to add Meowbox to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a special discount code & giveaway just for our readers! Check out our gift guide here.

ABOUT MEOWBOX: It’s easy! Sign up for Meowbox and tell us if your little monster is a kitten, cat, or senior. Choose from plans that automatically renew monthly, every three months, or every six months. We carefully research and select items that are high quality and unique. We seek out food and treats that are made with natural ingredients, are tasty, nutritious, wholesome, organic, or locally made, by brands such as these.

COST: As low as $22/month

SHIPPING: Free shipping, US & Canada only.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Click HERE and use code CRAZYLIME15 for 15% off

GIVEAWAY: 1 month subscription – $25.00 Value. Launching soon.

Disclosure: We received no compensation from companies in this buyer’s guide. Opinions are 100% our own. Retail prices are subject to change at any time. Post may contain affiliate links. Giveaways are sponsored by each participating company and they are solely responsible for fulfilling prizes.

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