Wantable Intimates Review September 2014

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If you’re new to Wantable, this company offers high-end fully customizable makeup, intimates, and accessories subscriptions for $36 per month or $40 for a one time purchase. There will be a new FITNESS sub starting soon so make sure you fill out the profile for that if you’re interested! Their website is really easy to navigate making it very user friendly. There are extensive questionnaires for each of the boxes so that your box is completely tailored to your preferences. You can cancel or resubscribe online at any time and you can skip months without canceling if you’d prefer. You can read my review of their previous boxes HERE.

Here’s what I got for September:

1. Live Lounge Light Pink Paisley Cotton Pajamas ($19.99)

This is seriously SO cute! I don’t normally wear paisley…but I’d consider it for this set. Sadly, the pants are too short, but I know someone that will love them :)

dora 001 dora 002


2. Yummie by Heather Thompson Stephanie 2 Way Tank ($33.99)

This is SO awesome!!! It’s a shapewear tank, one side is boatneck and the other side is v-neck, seriously–why haven’t I seen anything like this before??? All tees and tanks should come like this, it would cut the layering pieces part of my wardrobe in half. The color is so me too. Perfect!

dora 003 dora 004



3. Isadora Paccini Women’s Seamless Leggings ($9.99)

I was a little worried when I saw the sizing on these cause they were S/M (100-130 lbs). I’m not under 130, I’ll just leave it at that. But these still fit perfectly. I heard somewhere that Wantable sends tights/leggings based on the undies size you select which would match up with my profile. Either the leggings are super stretchy or they fit more based on your undies size. Either way, perfect Fall wardrobe staple and super comfy. Love!

dora 005dora 006



4. Pucker Up Cotton Fusion Bikini in Pink ($14)

I love these types of undies with the lay flat edges cause they look completely seamless under my leggings. Wantable has sent me about 10 pairs of undies so far and I’ve love ALL of them! They’re steadily phasing out my plain jane cotton undies which makes me uber happy :)

dora 007



So all totaled up, this month’s Wantable is valued at $77.97–more than double the cost of the box!!! I’m super excited that they’re getting ready to launch their new Fitness box–I can’t wait to see what they pick!!! :D Click HERE to check them out!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This box was received free for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Bubbleguppies Under the Sea Birthday Party! Including Food, Decoration, and Activity ideas!

2nd Bday Chalkboard 014


My sweet boy just turned 2!! I updated his chalkboard art (above). I love that piece cause it hangs in his room all year long and it’s the perfect party decor for our entry way :)

Here it is on the entry table. The Happy Birthday bubbles above it are from NickJr.com

Jaspers Second Birthday 017

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GREAT DEAL!! 6 Shirts and pants–less than $25 shipped!

I’m pretty stoked about this deal I just got for some of J’s new clothes so I’m sharing the breakdown with you. If you’re not familiar with FabKids, they offer new outfits for both boys and girls at the first of every month for $29.95 shipped. BUT what I didn’t realize is that you can also buy separate pieces AND if you’re new you can get either 50% off your first outfit (only $15 for a top and bottom) or 50% off your first item (could be dirt cheap depending on the item) AND free shipping!

They DO have toddler sizes so just check the sizing chart. XXS is a 2T, XS is a 3T, etc.

fabkids 2

So here’s what I got this morning:


This is the outfit I picked. I wanted some nice cargos for J and these are a color that he doesn’t have yet and he looks great in anything blue (love those blue eyes!)fabkids 1


I had a special invite to get an outfit for 75% off so that outfit was less than $8. You can sign up HERE for emails and see if you can get a 75% offer too :)

These are the cheap separate pieces I got:



I got the two long sleeve tops in his current size and the short sleeve tops in a size up for next summer (or possibly layering pieces under a jacket). I really like the unique designs–the bug tee is so cool and he’s gonna love the glow in the dark one. My total for all these tops plus the outfit was $24.45 shipped! And even if I only got 50% off the outfit, $32ish for all that isn’t bad either!

IF you pick the outfit–it signs you up for a monthly renewal but you can cancel anytime. You have between the 1st and the 5th of every month to pick a new outfit or to skip that month and you can skip as many times as you want. You can also cancel anytime you want (like right after your first outfit ships ;))

As I mentioned, you can get either 50% off your first outfit (only $15 for a top and bottom) or 50% off your first item (which would be SO cheap on those $3.99 items) AND free shipping!

Let me know if you have any questions :)


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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Wantable Intimates August 2014 Review

If you’re new to Wantable, this company offers high-end fully customizable makeup, intimates, and accessories subscriptions for $36 per month or $40 for a one time purchase. Their website is really easy to navigate making it very user friendly. There are extensive questionnaires for each of the boxes so that your box is completely tailored to your preferences. You can cancel or resubscribe online at any time and you can skip months without canceling if you’d prefer. You can read my review of their previous boxes HERE.



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PopSugar Must Have September SPOILER and $10 Discount Code!

popsugar spoiler


PopSugar Must Have just released a spoiler for the September box–this beautiful $125 scarf!! I love the wine and grey colors and I don’t have anything like it, can’t wait!!

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly subscription box that includes monthly “must have” items in different genres including beauty, fashion, home, fitness, food, etc. The subscription price is $39.95 per month (shipping included–less if you get a prepaid subscription). Click here and save $10 using the code MUSTHAVEMOM or the code MustHaveYT! 

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New Recipe: The BST Croissant!


A sandwich named after my favorite hobby?? Purely coincidence but the buy/sell/trade part of me is sooooo happy :D Continue reading

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Golden Tote versus Stitch Fix–review and comparison

I didn’t plan this purposefully but my Golden Tote and Stitch Fix just happened to arrive on the EXACT same day. I figured that meant they should be reviewed together so get ready for a fashion show!!! I will also do a comparison of the two services at the end of this review.

Let’s do Golden Tote first….

Golden Tote is a clothing service that offers a new collection monthly and they offer two different tote options to suit your budget. Sign up for a free account HERE so you’ll get notified when the sales go live each month!

COST: $49 tote plus $7.95 shipping ($56.95 total) which includes 2-3 items, normally 2 items and maybe one accessory (up to a $250 value, you pick one of the items) or a $149 tote plus $7.95 shipping ($156.95 total) which includes 5-7 items, usually 6 items in my experience (up to a $600 value, you pick two of the items)

SHIPPING: Ships via UPS–$7.95 as mentioned above for GROUND shipping, but you can pay more to expedite if you’re really excited for that tote!

Here’s what I got:

Chosen item #1: Merrick Swing Dress in Blue

blog 2 078


I love cobalt blue! I think this swing dress is so versatile. Easy to wear in the summer, easy to add leggings to for the fall. And they just restocked this item!!! I went back and ordered the stripe version cause I loved this so much. If you don’t have a swing dress, buy one now before they sell out again!!


blog 2 050


blog 2 052



Chosen item #2: Merrick Lace Top

I loved this when I was looking at it online but it just didn’t work out for me IRL. I think it’s too fancy for me to wear regularly. It’s very pretty though and I’m currently trying to sell/swap it.

blog 2 079

blog 2 071 blog 2 072



Surprise #1: Grey Stripe Priddy Dress

blog 2 060


You can see with my two chosen items that I looooove color so grey isn’t really my thing, but I really like this dress. It’s super comfy and I love the pockets. Very momma friendly :)

blog 2 062



Surprise #2 Chris and Carol Black and Grey Cardigan

Comfy but 100% not my style. I really like color. Too much black and grey! SOLD

blog 2 076



Surprise #3 Fantastic Fawn Navy Top

Again, comfy (nailing the comfort thing!) but too dark for me. And too much fabric. But I love the crochet detail on the back–so pretty. SOLD

blog 2 073 blog 2 075



Surprise #4 Collective Concepts Tank

Well, I guess I asked for color, LOL! I’m not normally into hot pink with my hair color but Hubs loved this top on me so I guess I’m keeping it?

blog 2 068


Golden Tote doesn’t do an individual price breakdown so I only have the $156.95 total for you. Overall, I think the value is a huge win. Nice quality pieces for a great price. But I’m disappointed that I’m only head over heels in love with one of the items. At lease Golden Tote items are easy to swap and sell :)


Now for Stitch Fix….

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You fill out a REALLY thorough questionnaire with all your sizes, likes, dislikes, style, preferences, budget (tell them your budget, it helps!), etc and they send you a package of clothes (and accessories if desired) to try on at home. You return whatever items you don’t want and pay only for the items you keep.

COST: Varies. It’s based on what items you receive, how much they cost, and what you decide to keep. At a minimum, you pay a $20 styling fee which covers the time the stylist spends on you and your shipping costs. If you keep anything, the styling fee is applied to the cost of the item. If you return everything, you’re out $20. If you keep everything, you get 25% off every item in your fix!!!

SHIPPING: Ships via FedEx and you pick the delivery date–costs for shipping and return shipping are included in the styling fee.

STYLIST: If you find a stylist you love, you can keep them!!! And they’ll do all your fixes :) You can request a stylist in your comments. My stylist is Tracy Ng and I HIGHLY recommend her! She’s really thorough about reading all your comments, checking your Pinterest boards, etc, she’s considerate about things like your skin type and hair color, and she’s really great about picking things that don’t look like you picked it up at a local big box store. If I’m gonna pay more, I want it to be unique! If you need a stylist, Tracy is great :)

Here’s what I received:

Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($54)

Seriously???? OMG. I’ve been ISO this since April and I’m THRILLED to get it!!! It’s sized up cause that’s all they had available but I don’t care. I don’t think it looks like a tent and it’s easily the most comfy shirt I own. And the print is so pretty! LOVE it. I saw the same shirt on another blog and it looked more blue/green in the colors, and I’d totally buy that too if I ever get the chance. KEEP

blog 2 081

blog 2 018



Le Sample Embroidered Racerback Tank ($38)

I loooove the embroidery detail on this tank! I always love details like embroidery, crochet, pretty buttons, etc and I’m sure Tracy picked this for that reason. The peach color is so pretty. And I love the color combinations on the style card! But you can also see on the style card where the sides are longer than the front and I’m not a big fan of how that looks on me. I know I wouldn’t wear it much cause of that so it’s going back. RETURN

blog 2 083 blog 2 032 blog 2 033



Loveappella Tie Dye Chevron Maxi ($58)

Haha, I’m sure my love of chevron got this into my fix. Again, maybe not so much on the hot pink, but the real issue with this is the elastic. It feels really tight for a M and I’m sure I wouldn’t wear it because of the discomfort. I love the jewel tone blue and purple though! RETURN

blog 2 082 blog 2 035 blog 2 038



Pixley Indianan Floral Print Mixed Material Tee ($44)

Ohhhh, I love it!! So comfy and so pretty! I love the colors and I loooooove the print! The style reminds me of the surprise ending Porridge tee from Golden Tote a while back but that top was way too short for my torso. So happy to get something similar though cause they’re both super comfy stylish pieces! KEEP

blog 2 080 blog 2 022 blog 2 023 blog 2 021



31 Bits Bracelet ($38)

I love this piece and the colors are so me, but I just can’t spend almost $40 on costume jewelry. It’s beautiful though! RETURN

blog 2 024



So overall, this fix costs $232. I do think that you can see my love of color and print more in this order than you can in the Golden Tote order. IF I kept everything in the fix, I’d get it for $179 total (minus the $20 I already paid for the styling fee so it would be another $159 out of pocket to keep it all). I don’t think $179 is too much more than Golden Tote, but Golden Tote sent 6 pieces of clothing and Stitch Fix sent 4 plus an accessory. I do think it’s fair to note that you can request no accessories in which case I would’ve gotten 5 clothing items for this price, but it’s also fair to note that this fix is probably on the less expensive side as far as Stitch Fix goes.


Golden Tote Versus Stitch Fix

Profile information:

Stitch Fix has a very thorough questionnaire and has a place to input literally an essay’s worth of comments. They also have a “notes to stylist” section where you can leave even more comments directly for your stylist. They encourage you to give them links to your social media sites so they can get an idea of what you look like and what your style is. They’ll surf your Pinterest boards looking for notes like “I love this because…” or “This color is perfect!”, etc.

Golden Tote also has a profile and questionnaire. It’s more brief than the Stitch Fix one but it gives them a general idea of what your style is like. They do encourage comments for your stylist but they want them to be BRIEF…like really brief. “No mini skirts. Hate orange.” Something like that. It helps them expedite the shipping process since they get over a thousand orders on their monthly sale day.

Profile Information Winner: Stitch Fix. I feel like the stylist has more time to really get to know me and what I’m looking for. I don’t feel like just another order number in a long list of orders.



As mentioned above, Golden Tote ships via UPS. It doesn’t matter whether or not you pay for expedited shipping or ground shipping, your order will ship chronologically by the time that the order was placed (basically, first come, first served). While I think that is very fair, it also means that you could be waiting weeks to get your order which can be very frustrating. The cheapest shipping option is $7.95 which is in addition to your tote cost. If you return your tote, you return it at your own expense which will probably be the $5.95 cost of a padded flat rate envelope.

Also mentioned above, Stitch Fix ships via FedEx. Your shipping costs are included in the $20 styling fee that I mentioned previously. Your return shipping costs are also included. They send a prepaid return envelope so all you do is put whatever items you don’t want in there and drop it off at the PO. You get to select your delivery date so you know exactly when your shipment is coming. Unfortunately, that can also mean waiting several weeks.

Shipping Winner: Tie. I’m not really impressed with either service in terms of shipping. If you decide you don’t want anything from Stitch Fix, you’re still out the $20 “styling fee” which is the same to me as losing the shipping costs from Golden Tote if you don’t like your tote. And they both take longer than a week to arrive which is agony for me.



Golden Tote allows you to actually pick the items that you want in your tote. I love that cause ideally you’ll at least enjoy your chosen item(s). And you know at least one or two of the things in your tote before it arrives. The downfall to Golden Tote is that there are only a limited number of “surprise” items (the other items in your tote) that they send each month. So let’s say there are 10 items for your stylist to choose from and none of them are your style, well you’re just screwed. Cause that’s the only selection they have. You can try to swap it or sell it in the Golden Tote Trade group on Facebook.

Stitch Fix allows you to request specific items but they will never guarantee that you’ll get it. So unlike Golden Tote, there’s no way for you to be certain that something you love (and something you choose for yourself) will be in there. But there are so many more items for them to choose from. And their selection changes almost daily so there’s definitely always fresh items that they can pick for you. The large selection allows them to personalize your “fix” even more.

Personalization Winner: Tie. I love getting to choose Golden Tote items but I hate that the surprise item selections are so limited. I want the ability to choose one or two items and the comfort of knowing that the “surprises” will truly be tailored to me.



Ha, can we just fast forward? The value winner is obviously hands down Golden Tote. $156.95 for 6 clothing items versus $180 for 4 clothing items and a bracelet. And I’m certain that my Stitch Fix was on the cheaper end of some of the fixes.

Value Winner: Golden Tote


So as you can see, I’m pretty torn between these companies. I think they both have their ups and their downs. So I guess I’ll just keep using both of them :) Either way, they’re definitely styling me better than I could style myself! I seem to gravitate towards basic tees when I’m out shopping, so I love the diversity that these services add to my wardrobe.

What do you think of what I received? And more importantly, who do you think wins and why?

Happy shopping lovelies!

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MOMables Lunch Rescue Review



I’ve been in the sandwich rut for the last couple weeks during lunchtime and it was driving me crazy! I wanted to make lunch more interesting without having to go out to eat, without having to resort to over processed prepackaged and frozen meals, and without having to create a whole other “dinner” in the middle of the day. My friend introduced me to Momables which I’ve been using for 3 weeks now and I LOVE it!!



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Ipsy August 2014 Review

ipsy 002


Ipsy sends full size and deluxe sample beauty products with an exclusive new Ipsy beauty pouch every month–all wrapped up in a pretty pink bubbly mailer. $10, free shipping, so it’s a great way to build your makeup collection and/or try new quality name brand products for cheap!

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Memebox Superbox #39 Footcare #2 Review

August 2014 022


I was SO excited when this showed up on my doorstep! Memebox ships from Korea so you don’t actually receive it until about a month after it ships. I ordered this box a few weeks before the projected ship date so I completely forgot about it by the time it arrived! I’m not sure if it’s still active but I used the code “TRYMEMEBOX” and got this box for only $15, score! (I *think* it was $35 full price)

All the products are from Korea so it’s really great that memebox includes awesome info cards that tell you how to use each product.

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