Citrus Lane Review-February 2013

My  I mean…baby’s Citrus Lane box just got here! I’m really happy, take a look:

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes. I think you get extra value for your dollars, you get introduced to new products you might never try otherwise, and it feels like a little box of Christmas every month!

I’ve been getting Citrus Lane for quite a while, but I wasn’t blogging yet so this will be my first review. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription for babies through toddlers that sends a customized box based on gender and age. The monthly subscription cost is $25 per month, including shipping. I prepaid 12 months and got two months free so we pay about $16.67 per month. For the purpose of cost analysis, I will be pulling actual values from

I did not receive anything for this review.


This box was sent for a 5 month old boy.

Citrus Lane always includes this card to tell you about what you’re getting. They used to include the MSRP for each item, but that wasn’t on there this month, so I will only be including the actual cost that I find online.


1. Spring is Here Board Book (actual cost: $6.99)

I loved this book. We have a thing for cows at our house and this book is about following a little calf through the four seasons. The colors are great and we are a big fan of books.

2. Hohner Rainmaker (actual cost: $8.84)

Definitely my favorite item in this box. Baby boy is a big fan of rattling toys so this is sure to be a hit. It’s also the very first “musical instrument” he’s gotten, so it’s a fun addition to his toy collection.

3. Kushies Washcloth Set (actual cost: $6.49)

I got a MILLION baby washcloths when baby was born, but honestly–we’ve needed them all! I use these things to clean gunk out of eyes, wipe noses, “brush” the gumline, cover certain baby parts at bathtime, etc…and then there’s the obvious use. I’ll always take more of these.

4. Branam Tooth Gel (actual cost: $4.70)

Safe to swallow and safe starting at 6 months–really glad to have this!

5. Pangea Lip Balm (actual cost: $13.15)

Citrus Lane always includes some time of extra for Mommy. This is an organic lip balm made with lavendar–pretty sweet bonus!

Total Actual Cost Value: $40.17

This is well above the $16.67 I paid for the box so I’m really happy with it overall! Great box Citrus Lane!

I truly do love this service. We’ve gotten a lot of baby favorites out of these boxes that we never would have known about otherwise.

If you’re interested in Citrus Lane, check them out here. If you use this link, you’ll save $10 off your first box–score!



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