Citrus Lane March 2013 SPOILERS

So I got my “your Citrus Lane Box is on its way” notification yesterday.” Normally that means at least a few people have already seen theirs. So I poked around a little bit to see if I could scrounge up some spoilers.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription for babies through toddlers that sends a customized box based on gender and age. The monthly subscription cost is $25 per month, including shipping. I prepaid 12 months and got two months free so we pay about $16.67 per month. If you’re interested, you can check them out here.

Remember, your box may be different based on age and gender or because Citrus Lane is sending a variety of different items now, but these are some of the items that have been received:

Wee Art Cards (estimated value: $13)

I’m not sure which sets have been included, so I’m including a stock photo of the “Garden” collection.

Green Ring Teether by Begin Again (estimated value- $10)

Weleda Baby Face Cream (estimated value- $12)

Nurture me Powdered Baby Food (estimated value-???)

I think there are just a few pouches to sample so I’m not assigning a value.

Green Sprouts Disposable Dining Set with Disposable Bib, Wipe, and Spoon (estimated value-???)

I think this is a sample so I’m pretty sure you’re getting one of each…

Justfab Coupon (estimated value- none)

Total estimated value: $45 (doesn’t include the samples or the coupon)

A different box had:

Sheep Aroma Pillow by Cloud B 

(estimated value- $26…I update actual costs in my review, but you should know you can get this on Amazon for $12)

Puzzle Wheel by Mudpuppy

temporary tatoos, the Nurture me powdered baby food, and the Justfab coupon

Not estimating a total value on this one since I don’t know all the brands for sure.

If you got anything different or if you can confirm any of the suspicions above, please leave me a comment or message my FB page- Lime Lane Love. Thanks so much!



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4 Responses to Citrus Lane March 2013 SPOILERS

  1. Katheirne says:

    It is the cloudb pillow and the puzzle is a round one from Mudpuppy

  2. Shannon says:

    I did get the pillow, the puzzle and I got the temp tattoos from the company that makes the cards and the dried food from Nurtureme. Hope that helps!

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