August Bucket List

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I haven’t done one of these in a couple months so I wanna get back on track. First, lemme sum up my bucket list from May :)

may bucket list

My May Bucket List:

1. Make a cleaning schedule– Ha! Not done….ummm, I’ll work on it in Sep….maybe

2. Benefit Boi-ing– tried it and it’s too cakey for me. My BB folks told me that it’s not really for undereye stuff so I’m still on the hunt for a good concealer for that. Maybe fakeup?

3. Sell a house– DOOOOOOOONE!!!!! We actually didn’t get the offer until June, and we sold in July but we are done done done done with our old house! So excited, no more double house payments!

4. Plan a roadtrip– Have you ever been on Route 66? Seriously, there’s nothing on Route 66 for like, hundreds of miles. That made the “roadtrip” part not so entertaining, but we did have some fun in Houston :)

5. Build a busy box for the car– Meh, kinda. I’ve made a ton of busy bags recently but we haven’t been using them much in the car.

6. Julep Plie Creativity Set– Done! Should I have taken pics for you? Why yes, yes I should have. Did I take pics for you? Nope, negative, notta, sorry folks :)


Ok, here’s what I wanna do in August 😀

august bucket list


1. TMNT!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else watch this as a kid?? I can’t wait for next weekend!!! 😀

2. One & Only– If you got this in PS, I suggest swapping it. I’m 70 pages in and pretty bored. That being said, I have an issue with not finishing a book I start so I’m gonna get ‘er done.

3. Party Planning– I was about 400% more prepared last year at this time for J’s first bday so I really need to up my game. At least the theme is set 😀 And I’ve got some ideas rolling around in my head.

4. Room Reveal(s)!– I’m finally *mostly* unpacked so I’m starting to decorate and get things up on the walls. I really want to show you guys around my house a little so I’d like to do at least one reveal in August. I’m thinking the kitchen, the playroom, or J’s big boy room. Anything you’re dying to see?

5. State Cutout Craft– I actually have a really great idea planned for this and I can’t wait to show it to you!!! For the time being, I need to get the cutout painted. That’s all I’m promising for Aug, just the paint jobs 😛 😉

What are you doing in Aug? Is anyone else ready for Fall??? I need some BOOTS! (<–Sep bucket list #1)

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2 Responses to August Bucket List

  1. dee says:

    My number one goal is to NOT to have a baby in August! Our goal is to make it to September. And our second goal is to pick out a name already! I currently have hubs sitting and reading the baby name book and he’s laughing up a storm. .. we’re to the f’s and have 5 possible names so far.

  2. Amanda Schwartz says:

    I wanna see the kitchen. I love kitchens!

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